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CBD “Business in a Box” System

Start Selling CBD & D8 TODAY!

Start Selling CBD & Delta 8 Today!

Start your own fully turnkey CBD Business with Certified CBD Center’s “Business in a Box”. With easy, affordable plans you can start selling & profiting from CBD and Delta 8 today. We’ve done all the work so you don’t have to:

  • We supply the best Certified CBD and Delta 8 products and handle the manufacturing process from farm to product delivery;
  • We’ve developed the marketing materials & designed the packaging, labels and brochures;
  • We’ve created all the sales support materials for you and your sales team.
  • You can start your CBD business fast and begin profiting within days or weeks.
  • Start your new CBD business with an investment as low as $500 which includes an amazing array of training to get you up and running quickly.
  • Read on to learn more!
Certified CBD Center business in a box

Our CBD products are all certified by Icann, and are the highest grade CBD products.

What will I receive with my Certified CBD “Business in a Box” System?


Start your own CBD business or Add CBD to Your Existing Business – no experience is needed.

There are over 75 million Baby Boomers & Active Adults (50+) in the U.S. and over 10,000 people become boomers every day. What’s the one thing they all have in common? They all NEED relief from pain. With the Certified CBD Reseller Program, you can start your very own home-based CBD business and cash in on this $22 billion industry. (Brightfield Group Research report)

Connect with these Baby Boomers in your area using our professionally designed website and marketing templates and easy-to-use marketing strategies. The CCC Platform was designed for anyone with basic computer skills – there’s absolutely no design or technical experience required.

We Give You Everything You Need

  • The best CBD and D8 Products on the market that are Certified
  • Professionally designed marketing templates
  • Your own local marketing plan
  • Sales scripts, flyers, and brochures
  • Training and ongoing technical support
    • CBD Training Academy Fundamentals 
    • CBD Training Academy Business Mastery
    • CBD Training Academy Inner Circle Marketing Mastermind – Live (Monthly)
  • Certified CBD Coaches to work with your clients
  • and much more!

Why Choose Us?

Now more than ever, people are looking for ways to stay healthy and eliminate pain.  They are living longer and want to stay active but their pain holds them back.  Certified CBD products and services are the right solutions at the right time.  You’re looking to cash in on the $6 Trillion Dollar Wellness industry but don’t have the time, skills, or patience to build all of this from scratch. This is your opportunity to launch a successful CBD business without any technical experience. You can generate a significant income by offering the highest quality CBD products along with coaching services to Baby Boomers and Active Adults in your area. 

  • There is no requirement to buy any minimum # of products and this is not an MLM


The Certified CBD Center was founded to meet the demand of Baby Boomers who want to try CBD, a natural compound derived from the Hemp plant that is Federally legal and without any side effects like the Big Pharma pills cause.  It is a fast, easy and affordable business solution for people wanting to build their own CBD business but didn’t want to invest $50 or $100 thousand dollars themselves. Today the Certified CBD Centers are working with over 5,000 companies all over the globe thanks to the success of its reseller program.

Training And Support

The Certified CBD Center provides startup and ongoing training and technical support via live webinars, on-demand training, how-to videos, and a dedicated reseller support channel that’s accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Here’s your next step:

Schedule a call with one of our professionals to get your Certified CBD Center in motion and lock in your exclusive City or State….while they last. 

 Have questions about the CCC or are You Ready to Roll?  Schedule a Complimentary Consult!

Who should consider this opportunity?

  • Medical professionals, Physical therapists, health clinics, wellness centers, and doctor’s offices.
  • Health food stores.
  • Cannabis dispensaries and smoke shops.
  • Bakeries and cafes are infusing CBD into their foods and beverages.
  • Veterinary clinics, groomers and pet sitters/dog walkers.
  • Alternative Medicine/Healers
  • Spas, Dayspas & Medspas
  • Health clubs & gyms
  • Counselors, Life Coaches
  • Holistic Practitioners
  • Personal trainers & Sports Coaches
  • Accupuncturists & Chiropractors
  • Nutritionists, Healers & Massage Therapists
  • And many other businesses and individuals that want to find a way to make money NOW!

Sell CBD Products to the 150 million Baby Boomers and Millennials

  • Create or increase revenue and profits
  • Provide a way for health practitioners to improve clinical results with top quality medical grade CBD products
  • Offer customers ultra competitive discounts while still making high profits.
  • Help anyone that works with people to relieve pain and anxiety with the highest quality CBD.
  • Offer clients the highest potency tinctures and other CBD products for humans and pets.
  • Use the Business in a Box for your own business or sell to other businesses like doctors, med spas, gyms, etc.
  • Work from a retail location OR from home to sell products and make money!
  • Finally make as much money as you want with a very low investment
  • Anyone can start a business like this.
  • Use this ready-to-go system to add more products to sell at any business.
  • Or start a new CBD business and start making money right away.

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What do participants say about the

Business in a Box Program?

I was impressed with the Business in a Box Program. I don’t think I realized how much was involved in adding CBD to our core business, a Day Spa. With the CBD Business in a Box System, I’ve been able to get expert help and amazing products that really sell through at retail. I picked up some great samples at the event, met lots of really interesting people and got all of my questions answered. Also, I’ve been able to implement several new and innovative marketing strategies I learned, that I’m sure will significantly increase my income in 2019!  Thank you!

Bob Dillard

CBD Business in a Box Client

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