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Our partner Icann offers a number of extremely helpful services that we are proud to offer our clients – starting with Coaching.  CBD is special in that everyone wants to try it but not very many people know what kind of CBD to take or how much to take for the issue they have.  For that reason our Certified CBD Coaches are here to help you answer those and any other questions you may have. 

30 and 60 Minute Coaching:

30 Minute Coaching

This 30 minute coaching session is just enough time to talk with a CBD coach to discuss your needs and issues and find out the best CBD plan for you would be.  Sign up for a 30 minute CBD Coaching session today here. 

60 Minute Coaching

This coaching session gives you a little more time to talk about you and your family’s issues with someone trained to advise you regarding CBD. Our Certified CBD Coaches have been trained to understand how CBD works and how to advise you about which type of CBD to take and how much of it and more.  Set up a 60 minute session to discuss all your CBD needs today! 

Check out all the CBD Training Academy Courses here:

Other Great Products from Icann!

Businss in a Box Event in OC!

Join the CBD Training Academy at an upcoming “Business in a Box” Workshop to find out how to start a fully turnkey CBD Business with the Academy’s CBD “Business in a Box” system. You will learn what you need to know to start your own CBD Business at an event near you in 2019 & 2020. Click below to see the current schedule. 

The Blueprint Program

The CBD Business Blueprint System lets you sell CBD products at a discount to your customers, friends and family. The program. The included 3 page website easily makes  appointments with potential customers to discuss their needs. Then you’ll place CBD orders on your exclusive ecommerce affiliate CBD store and all purchases will be dropped shipped to your clients. You’ll make affiliate commissions and ensure your customer gets a competitive, discounted price on whatever they buy.  Find out more here:

Client Testimonials

“Having this program is excellent because it brings together everything in a well-organized format and creates a real way for us to get educated and actually be able to educate the consumer, which is a real problem in the industry.”

Miami Businessman & Indianapolis Couch Course Graduate

Paul Echevarria

“An excellent connection to a network of compassionate pro-CBD experts! I enjoyed meeting, greeting, and gaining access to experienced successful people in the CBD industry. Overall I enjoyed the class but the access to the information and speaking with the experts was the most important part to me!”

Orlando Business Builder Course

Joseph Ryan

“The wealth of knowledge, networking, and business advice was amazing along with the overall welcoming attitude of everyone involved.”

Orlando Business Builder Course

Jason O’Dell

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