Welcome to the Certified CBD Center, the ONLY place to find CERTIFIED CBD products, CBD Certification Courses and Certified CBD Coaching of the highest caliber.  You can TRUST our Certified products and you can get advice from one of our Certified CBD Coaches too. Our CBD Products have the highest bioavailability and absorption which means they work better than other brands and it makes them affordable at the same time.  Come in, take a look around and get to know us.  Welcome! 

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Certified CBD Products

All of our CBD products are high quality, broad spectrum CBD that is extracted using the safe and natural C02 method and tested to assure you they are what we promise them to be -with 0.00% THC.  All of our products are manufactured in FDA registered labs – from the farm to extraction to the ISO certified production facility – we guarantee you won’t find a better CBD product on the market. Start shopping now by clicking here.

CBD Coaching

We have over 500 Certified CBD Coaches that are ready to provide you with expert CBD advice and answer any questions you may have about CBD – including what it is and how it works, what’s the best way to take CBD, how much CBD to take and how CBD will interact with your other supplements and medications.  To find out how you can consult with one of our coaches for either a 30 or 60 minute session, click here.


CBD Courses

In addition to the best products on the market, the Certified CBD Center also provides you with access to the original physician developed CBD Training Academy Online Courses. Learn everything from the business of CBD to the science of how it works in the human endocannabinoid system as well as how to make or sell CBD plus the business of extraction and more.  Find out about the courses here.


After you purchase any Certified CBD Center CBD product, come back here and register for your FREE “CBD FOR EVERYONE” course from our partner, the CBD Training Academy. ($97 Value).  Education is an important aspect of your CBD journey and we are pleased to offer this amazing course to you for free with your initial purchase.  It covers the following topics:  What is CBD, How does it work, The Endocannabinoid System, Therapeutic uses of CBD, Methods of Administration, How to take CBD and what to expect…and much more.  Another way we are unique and different!!