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The first and original CBD Educational source is proud to be a part of the Certified CBD Center.  You can purchase all of their courses here and get the same expert level training you’d get when you buy from any of their websites.  For complete information about their courses, please visit the CBD Training Academy website here:

Courses at any price range:

Certified CBD Coach Course

The Coach course include 16 jam-packed sessions, each a professionally developed, written and taught by experts in a variety of crucial subject matters that you’ll need to know if you’re going to be a CBD Coach.

Certified CBD Business Builder Course

This Jam-Packed 6-hour intensive workshop will put you on the path to successfully operating your own CBD business even if you have no CBD experience. If you have CBD experience, you will learn how to optimize, grow and scale your business for success.

Certified Business Extraction Course

This in-depth 6-hour training is presented by the top experts and professionals in the Extraction and Concentrates industry. Whether you want to learn to create your own products or to become a player in the distribution market, this course will give you the skills and confidence to dominate whatever segment you work in

How to make CBD

In this 2-hour course you’ll learn how to make CBD products. Whether you want to learn to create your own products to sell or to become a player in the distribution market, this course teaches you the skills in a genuinely fun way.

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Certified CBD Professional Course

The Certified CBD Professional Course provides you with a substantial introduction to the science of CBD. You’ll participate in A 4-HOUR online class that was written and taught by our industry expert instructors, learn over 23 learning modules of information and end up with a certificate that you can use in your marketing materials.

How to Sell CBD

You will participate in this 1-HOUR online course with one of our expert instructors and mentors. Learn the fundamentals of “How to sell CBD” products for health and wellness.


  • Sales Success Tactics
  • What to say/NOT to say
  • How to upsell & cross-sell
  • B2B and B2C Strategies
  • Sales Funnels and more!


You will participate in this ONE-HOUR course with the Academy’s expert instructors & mentors. You’ll learn the basics of CBD & the CBD Industry and how to use CBD products for health and wellness. You’ll learn how to start, grow and scale your own CBD business. Special Guest & Industry Expert, Chuck Ebbers, will share his experience building a successful CBD Brand, the mistakes he made and his key success factors.

All Graduates get a year long membership!

There are millions of people who are fed up with traditional drugs and their frightening side effects, who now want to explore how CBD can help them improve their health and how they look and feel. The biggest problem is the knowledge gap, misinformation and ever-increasing head-spinning array of product selections available.

These people need help, guidance and accurate info…and if you are trying to figure out how you can get involved in the CBD industry, CBD Training Academy’s Certifications & Courses are for you. 

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Client Testimonials

“Having this program is excellent because it brings together everything in a well-organized format and creates a real way for us to get educated and actually be able to educate the consumer, which is a real problem in the industry.”

Certified CBD Coach Course

Paul Echevarria

“An excellent connection to a network of compassionate pro-CBD experts! I enjoyed meeting, greeting, and gaining access to experienced successful people in the CBD industry. Overall I enjoyed the class but the access to the information and speaking with the experts was the most important part to me!”

Certified CBD Professional Course

Joseph Ryan

“The wealth of knowledge, networking, and business advice was amazing along with the overall welcoming attitude of everyone involved.”

CBD Business Builder Course

Jason O’Dell

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