Are you stuck at home?

Plan B “Business in a Box” Webinar

Learn about the $22 Billion Business Revolution

Learn how to start your own Business where you are in control!

Join us for the “Business in a Box” webinar to find out how to start a fully turnkey CBD Business, with the Plan B “Business in a Box” System. You’ll learn what you need to know to start your own CBD Business including how and why CBD works, how to talk to potential clients, the regulatory and legal restrictions you’ll need to know that are specific to this industry and much more.  Use this downtime to see if you are ready to profit from this rapidly growing industry.  

Take an hour to learn about your possible Plan B.  This ready to go CBD “Businesses in a box” system doesn’t require any large investment and you can get started right away.  

What do participants say about the Business in a Box Program?

I was impressed with the Business in a Box Program. I don’t think I realized how much was involved in adding CBD to our core business, a Day Spa. With the CBD Business in a Box System, I’ve been able to get expert help and amazing products that really sell through at retail. I picked up some great samples at the event, met lots of really interesting people and got all of my questions answered. Also, I’ve been able to implement several new and innovative marketing strategies I learned, that I’m sure will significantly increase my income in 2020!  Thank you!

Bob Dillard

CBD Business in a Box Client

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